Pro Detailer Tips & Tricks!

Pro Detailer Tips & Tools 🛑 
Take your Diy or Business  Detailing to new heights by using #airtools. 
🪄 By blowing Water, Dirt, Dust & Pet Hair from carpets, mats & awkward areas like beside & under seats. 
1. A belt driven #aircompressor with a tank size of at least 50-80 litre capacity is more than enough to drive & maintain most air tools at their maximum efficiency! 🌪 
A good quality DIY air compressor we recommend is a belt driven type twin or triple piston head type! 
2. Lift & remove stubborn stains in carpets & seats by agitating them safely & with minimal physical touching (which can abrade) with a good all purpose cleaner in a #Tornador. 
🪄  Let the action of the #Tornadorgun safely penetrate grime & stains & watch how it brings it to the surface! 🏗 
Blot with a clean fresh microfiber & repeat until the stain has gone! Then turn the adjustable spray liquid option off & Blow it all dry! Voila! 
Our Refract Fury&Storm Tornador Clean Gun is one of the best in the business & has patented components such as leak-proof caps, seals & bearings for maximum performance & reliability. 
3. 🤓 POLISHING! Our Favourite! 
The BEST way to clean dry polish & removed paint residue from polishing pads is with a high pressure focussed air gun! 
🔄 Simply flip your machine polisher on its back & then on your thigh.
Angle the airgun & blow the pad so it spins & removes all the debris! 
Do this every few passes to avoid clogging, overheating & reducing the life of the pad. You can set the machine to speed 2 or 3 & turn it on to help even further! 
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