Welcome to Refract Car Care Products Australia

Welcome to Refract Car Care Products Australia, look no further, the evolution begins here.

We know how tired you are of staring at endless rows of  products that don’t explain how & why to use them and often under perform to your expectations.

From years of experience and research, we supply and cater for all your auto car care products, car care detailing products, best ceramic coating products, online car polishing supplies and simply the best car detailing products Australia has to offer.

We guarantee our premium car wash products work better than anything else you’ll find on the shelf. Our pure passion for the love of our vehicles and the harsh climates we use them in, has led us to best understand the need for superior, affordable and quality product.

For the only place to buy the best detailing kits Australia has to offer, we’re delighted to provide you our breakthrough technology, that not only suits your individual car care enthusiasts but also extends to the professional, commercial and industrial fields.