Discontinued, floor stock, out of packaging, maybe slightly dusty, torn packaging & one-off items from Brand Maxshine & SGCB Auto Care.

If you're after some hugely discounted items then here is the place! 

Scratch, Dent, Dusty or all naked outside of their packaging! Maybe & Probably perfect tbh tho!  

Products will all be in good working order & fit for purpose! There may be 1000 left or just 2! 

If there's an item that  you select & it goes out of stock of that particular colour or style then we'll make sure that we add products that are the same value & of same or higher quality! 

If you can't add a certain number of items to the cart it means we don't have the qty remaining so just select a lesser amount & see if you get lucky! 

We won't leave you high and dry with a crappy refund if we run out of stock! We'll hook u up with random products that are similar to what you wanted! 

Either way, we need this stock gone to good homes!

Get amongst it!

No further discounts apply & no returns unless the item is somehow delivered by the post in totally un-useable condition! 

No Free Postage. Local Pickup Perth is Ok but please give us a few hours before you arrive on our doorstep! bahaha, 

Peace! Go Shopping! 

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