REFRACT Snow Foam Cannon

REFRACT Snow Foam Cannon

Pre-Soak your vehicles with a thick layer of snow foam to soften dirt and help lift debris prior to any mechanical washing

Pre-soaking minimises the risks of scratching your paintwork by removing road grime & dirt before they have a chance to cling to your wash mitt .

  • The Refract Snow Foam Cannon is designed to be used with a pressure washer and injects a metered amount of shampoo or dedicated snow foam concentrate into the aeration manifold. This manifold creates a variable consistency of foam.
    • The Pre-soak cannon is a new design which allows the user to easily add water and concentrate to the 800ml reservoir without falling or over-flowing.
      • The high quality brass manifold incorporates a variable adjustment knob to control foam consistency and the front spray nozzle can be twisted to adjust spray width!
      • The Cannon draws the concentrate from within the reservoir and is then aerated with the aid of the flow from your pressure washer.

        The Presoak Snow Foam Cannon comes complete with your choice of adaptor to suit most models of pressure washer and includes a full set of spare o-rings.

          • Simply fill the reservoir with water and then add 30-60 mls of Ph Neutral Washing Shampoo or Snow Foam Concentrate.
          • Replace Heavy Duty Screw Top lid and shake!
          • Pull the trigger of your pressure washer and adjust the flow ratio and front pattern nozzle and start pre-soaking.
          • Start from the bottom of the vehicle and work your way upwards until the entire vehicle is covered.
          • Allow to dwell for a few minutes and dont allow to dry as streaks may appear.
          • The last step is to rinse off the foam and lifted debris and continue to the 2 bucket washing method!
        Kit Includes:
            • 1 x Quick Connect Adaptor
            • 1 x Choice of Specific Pressure Washer Adaptor (BOSCH, GERNI, KARCHER)
            • 1 x Refract Pre-Soak Snow Foam Cannon manifold
            • 1 x 800ml reservoir bottle
            • 1 x PVC suction tube
            • 1 x Spare o-ring kit pack
            • Instruction manual


          • Bosch - RCC-SFCB
          • Gerni - RCC-SFCG
          • Karcher - RCC-SFCK

        Adaptor Information:

        Bosch AQT/AR Blue Clean adapter fits:

        • Bosch AQT
        • AR Blue Clean
        • Typhoon models up to TE2400.
        • Michelin models up to MPX160.
        • Electric Ryobi
        • Jet-USA (or you can use M22 female or 1/4" QC or Kew/Alto depending on where along the wand you want the snow foam cannon to be attached).
        • Newer Aldi Workzones models.
        • Black & Decker

        Gerni adapter fits:

        • All Gerni models
        • Most electric Husqvarna, Stihl and Ozito

        Karcher K adapter fits

        • K series K2 - K7 models
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