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Build-your-own Detailing Bundle Kit


When it comes to Vehicle Detailing & Car Care Products we know that it's easy to get lost in a sea of products and end up buying products that just aren't needed or simply don't work. ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

Often we do it ourselves & watch others stand in the car care section of  retail stores with a look of mass confusion. We try to figure out what we should be using & in what order!

The brightly coloured labels screaming "Buy Me" and "I'm the Best" product certainly doesn't help & the novelty wears off real quick! 


Sadly, a lot of off the shelf products just won't give you Professional results anyways!.

They've been designed to make you use a lot of the product in-one-go so you come back & buy more.  There's no "step-by-step", no guidance or anything to even suggest that their products work in a Professional Detailing Environment.

  • With many products screaming "Look at me!" & "This is what you need!" you find yourself totally confused & annoyed.. It's not a nice experience and we call this the "Head-On-A-Stick" syndrome..
  • We've washed & detailed thousands of vehicles ranging from complete bombs through to high-end exotic super-cars! We know what works & what doesn't!
  • We've nailed the process for maximum efficiency & we know the essential products needed to get breathtaking professional results! We want to average car enthusiast & DIYer to understand the process and get the results WE do! so...

We're here to help!

Building your own Essential Product Detailing Bundle Kit is based on our knowledge, recommendations, extensive product testing and manufacturing experience.

You'll be using the exact products & procedures that WE use so you too can achieve Professional results without the confusion!

Choose & Save!

Start off deciding what you'd like to achieve & how far into detailing you want to get!

Most people just want to do a quick basic wash & wax on a Saturday morning before they head out for the weekend but some want to get their rides looking amazing by conducting a full Detail which includes paint correction & ceramic coating protection..

Choice is yours..

  • Our choose your bundle kit allows you to control what you need for each step of the way. We don't have any variants of each product because you don't need them! Our products have been designed to get professional results without 20 different variants of each product.
  • keep your products, tools & liquids in an organised & well laid out fashion. Easily identify which product is for what & when!¬†

Discount tiers are as follows:

We know Detailing Products & Car Care CAN get expensive so we've included tiered discounts.

Spend > $149.95 & Receive 8% off 
Spend > $299.95 & Receive 12% off 
Spend > $499.95 & Receive 15% off 
Spend > $799.95 & Receive 20% off 
Spend > $1200.95 & Receive 25% off