Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Cleaning and Conditioning

All About Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Cleaning

If leather is to retain its beauty, it must be cared for, cleaned and conditioned. It’s much easier to spend a little time protecting and conditioning your fine leather upholstery than spending the energy and money to salvage it. Once it’s gone down that road, there may be no return!

Have seen leather that has been ignored and mistreated? What remains is dried, prematurely aged, and cracked leather. Fragile leather is the result of being bombarded with UV radiation, cooked in infrared heat, discolored with body oils, and finally rough-sanded by ground-in dirt,. Without proper care and conditioning, your leather will age rapidly, losing its luster and flexibility. This process is rapidly accelerated in warmer climates and in convertibles.

What is Proper Leather Care?

Leather surfaces, are just like beautiful, delicate skin. Leather must be carefully cleansed before it can be properly conditioned.

The Two-Step Solution

Refract Leather Clean - a pure cleaner, free of petroleum solvents, silicone oils or gloss agents - penetrates deep into every pore. Especially when applied with the gentle agitating action of a Refract Leather Pad or a Refract Pro-Wipe Microfiber Towel. Careful agitation, is the key. This agitation opens pores and allows moisture to penetrate deep into the leather to cleanse and moisturize.

WARNING! Often inexpensive brands of leather cleaners and gloss agents contain petroleum distillates, silicone or silicone oils which cling to the surface and then are wiped onto clothing. Worse, they leave a greasy inferior finish. Always use water-based products on leather to prevent this oil slick.

After a thorough cleansing, your leather is ready for step two, application of a quality conditioner like Refract Leather Protect. This nourishing conditioner improves the look and texture of the leather by absorbing deep into the fibers, allowing these fibers to retain their resilience. Proper conditioning allows fibers to retain their flexibility and softness.

For the best results, apply Refract Leather-Protect with an applicator pad and allow it to penetrate for several minutes. Then wipe the upholstery with a microfiber towel.

If you only want the best for both Leather and Vinyl, there is simply no better comprehensive choice for ”state of the art” cleaners, conditioners and applicators than our specially packaged, Refract Car Care Detailing Kits.