Our Vision

Refract Car Care Products Detailing Australia

Our Vision is to make detailing & car care products easier to understand by taking the guesswork out of the often-confusing products & procedures.

As Professional detailers we know what works & what doesn't. We know what is needed when, where & how. We understand that everyone has busy lives and needs to save time, maximise their efficiency and save money whilst keeping their cars & bikes looking great & we want to help!

Our Vision is to one-day see all car loving Aussies getting excited about detailing again. We want to see everyone getting the same professional results that WE do by following our procedures & using our recommended products!


Australians love working on their cars, it's part of our culture. But too often we see & hear people taking the wrong advice & using the wrong products which leads to frustration & sometimes irreversible damage.

But we don't blame them...

The Car Care Product & Detailing Industry can be very confusing. Not knowing what to use, how & when, can very quickly turn an hour job into a full day and not to mention running the risk of damaging expensive surfaces.

Our Vision is to create an easy-to-follow and simple platform that gives you the confidence to get Professional Detailing Results. From basic maintenance washing, right through to full paint correction & ceramic coatings, we want to share our knowledge & offer you products that get the same results that WE do; quickly & safely!