The Refract 4 Step Detailing Process

Refract 4 Step Detailing Process

We often get asked how people can get the best results from their vehicles by doing it themselves!

There are a tonne of Car Care products on the market, online and in Retail Stores however there is a lack of process and understanding to use these products and in what order!

Refract have created the Refract 4 Step Detailing Process to help get you the same Professional results we do.

learn "How and Why" each step is important and choose products that we use and recommend along the way.

Below is a Step by Step Process with some information of each process.

A basic overview of each step is included and for more In-Depth understanding then click the In-Depth Link for each section.




Using a Pre-Soak Foam Cannon combined with Refracts Fallout Remover will help soften and lift debris whilst dissolving the environmental contaminants before proceeding to any physical washing contact that is a major cause of swirls!

To avoid Washing Swirls and Scratches it’s vital that you keep dirt and debris away from your wash tools and water buckets.

The best way is with the 3 Bucket System which uses 1 Bucket for your Wheels, 1 for Washing the Vehicle and the last one as a Rinse bucket to release the dirt and debris from your washing mitt or towel.

This process combined with a Grit Guard placed at the bottom of each bucket to capture debris ensures that every effort has been made to minimise damage from dirt particles being dragged against your paint!

Refract 3 Bucket Wash System also incorporates a handy Screw Top Lid on each bucket to safely store your equipment away from dirt and debris between washes.

They also double as a great Detailing Seat!


Choosing the wrong type of washing tools can be disastrous and lead to horrible washing swirls and scratches on paint and surfaces.

Refract Detailers only use High Quality Microfiber and Wool Wash Mitts along with Thick Microfiber Towels as a safe method.

Using old Sponges and Cheap low-Grade Wash Mitts will only lead to severe defects over time. You need to have a Mitt or Towel that can trap the Dirt particles inside the Fibers but also be able to release them in your Rinse Bucket. This stops debris from scratching the paint. Using Foam Sponges and Chamois type Wash Tools don’t allow any escape for sand and dirt so they are dragged and scraped against your paint.


Alongside the Washing process is to select brushes and tools that safely help remove stubborn dirt and debris from cracks and crevices. An Incorrect Brush or material type may damage and scratch sensitive surfaces. This must be avoided at all costs.

Using Only Natural Bristled Detailing Brushes, Soft PVC or Microfiber Wheel Brushes will ensure you get the job done well and without damage.


Washing Shampoo is also a key ingredient to maintaining your vehicle. Refracts Ph Neutral Washing Shampoo Concentrate ensures that paint and surfaces aren’t damaged over time by drying out rubber and plastic components.

Refracts Highly Concentrated Washing Shampoo ensures that a high level of Lubricity is maintained throughout the washing process and gives that extra safety layer barrier between Dirt and Sensitive Surfaces.

Like with all Cleaning agents used in Vehicle Detailing its important that they have been designed and developed FOR vehicles and are safe on sensitive surfaces like wheels and engine bays.




Prior to physically touching your vehicles surfaces its important that you remove as much dirt and debris to avoid washing swirls and scratches.

Often you will notice that there is a build-up of contaminants stuck on your paint and surfaces like Sap, Tar, Brake Dust and other Environmental Fallouts. These generally cannot be removed by normal washing alone.

Clay Bar Type Products:

One of the most important, visually transforming and simplest steps when maintaining your paint and Vehicle surfaces, including glass is the Clay Treatment.

Conducted after your Vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried and before any Polishing or Protection is applied, the claying process is carried out to remove small embedded surface contaminants like Tar, Sap and Over-spray. These Contaminants build up over time and hide true gloss and reflection. These contaminants cannot be generally removed by just washing

If not removed periodically these spots can lead to premature rust and permanent paint etching damage.

 The result is a silky smooth, contaminant free vehicle that is either ready for polishing or better prepared to allow wax and sealants to bind better and last longer!

This simple, safe and quick procedure should be part of your Vehicle Detailing Maintenance Routine every 3-6 Months.




“Paint Correction” commonly known as "Polishing"

The process of removing or reducing the visibility of Swirls, Scratches and Defects on a painted surface by process of preparation and polishing.

When you’re ready to really step your game up and start getting the best results from your vehicle then we are ready to help you get the best results possible safely and without all the confusion and risk.

With the Introduction and Technical Advancement of Dual Action Polishers, Pad Technology and Liquid Compounds there is no reason why anyone with a keen eye for details and procedure can also  get results like the Professionals do!

Combined with safety of a Dual Action Polisher coupled with foam or wool starting and finishing Pads and Refracts Compounds then expect to get some amazing results!





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    Never Skimp out and think that any old microfiber towel will do the job safely.

    As Professional Detailers we cannot stress enough about the importance of high quality, task matched towels.

    Cheap, low grade GSM (Grams (g) Per Square Meter (m2) in Weight) aren’t designed for sensitive paint surfaces. Generally, these Microfibers range from 110GSM to 240GSM and will induce fine swirls and scratches in your paint.

    Towels like that are fine for dirty work like Greasy area undercarriages and to clean up spills etc only.

    We have taken the guesswork out of selecting the right Towels and types for most Vehicle Surfaces and applications.



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