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Dual-Wool Blend - One-Step Cut & Finish Pad

Dual-Wool Blend - One-Step Cut & Finish Pad

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Dual-Wool Blend

A True One-Step Correction Pad

Available in 3 Sizes

Designed for Dual Action, Forced & Rotary Polishers

Our new & latest design Dual-Blend Wool Pad has arrived and we know you're gong to love it! The feedback we receive from detailers & diyers around the Country has been amazing!
We've basically taken the concept of Cutting & Finishing with two separate wool pads and combined them together to create a true One-Step Pad!
You can now remove medium to heavy swirling, oxidation & defects quickly whilst revealing a super high gloss & brilliant clarity on all painted surfaces! 
Our Dual-Blend True One-Step Correction Pad consists of two grades of Australian Wool strands. One being coarse to whisk away medium to heavy scratches & the other a fine strand to polish the surface & reveal deep gloss! 
These fibers have been combined together to create a perfect mix of a normally two- separate pad & stage process!
Simply Prime the pad, apply a medium pressure & cut within a speed range of about 3-4 on most machines. Then on your last pass simply increase or decrease speed (depending on paint surface) & reduce pressure! 
Like in all our pads these Dual Blend Wool Pads have our unique stiff back rubber insert between the backing velcro & German foam insert to create an amazing feel & prevent premature delaminating, shedding or bulging! 
Pads are long lasting, durable & are easy to clean with an air gun after every few passes!

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