Maxshine Foam Cushion Machine Interface Pads

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Maxshine Foam Cushion Machine Interface Pads

Often in Detailing & Paint Correction there is a need to increase the thickness & flexibility of either a damp sanding pad or other foam & wool pads. This helps to create a cushion effect to increase curvature around sweeping or irregular curves surfaces!
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The most common one is when conducting damp (wet) sanding. Once your comfortable conducting heavy defect removal with sandpaper then you'll know that it can be done ALOT better with an Air or Electric Dual Action Polisher Machine
The problem is that most sanding grit velcro pads don't have a thick enough backing plate cushion. Having a stiff backing plate & even a very fine sandpaper can burn through the paint very quickly! 
maxshine interface foam pad dual action polisher wet sanding refract car care products australia
Most Polishing Pads generally have plenty of cushioning however there are a few pads that could use a bit more sometimes! For Example, the Maxshine Heavy Cut Hybrid Cool Pad! It cuts exceptionally hard and is fine for large semi-flat surfaces but start cutting around smaller areas and the extra safety cushion is very welcomed & reduces your risk factor massively!

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