Refract Leather-Protect Kit + Free 100ml Refract Cabin Clean Sample

Refract Leather-Protect Kit
1 x 500ml Refract Leather-Protect Bottle with easy apply spout.
1 x Free 100ml Refract Cabin-Clean Sample
1 x Refract Pro-Scrub Cleaning Pad for use with Refract Cabin-Clean.
1 x Refract Easy-Apply Microfiber Applicator to apply Refact Leather-Protect.
1 x Refract 60x40xm Multi-Pro Microfiber Towel
Refract Leather-Protect - Conditions, Nourishes, Softens & Protects Leather & Faux Leather Surfaces.
Contains Natural Oils & Softening Lanolins



  • Refract Leather Protect is a non-oily natural matte/satin surface reviving & protecting conditioner. Leather-Protect is a milky lotion-type leather massaging emulsion which provides genuine & faux leather surfaces a chance to breathe, self-hydrate and repel spills & ultra-violet exposure. Dry & faded interior & exterior leather & vinyl is directly related to premature wear, fade & staining without protection.
  • Refract Leather Protect penetrates deeply into leather and vinyl pores to replenish the natural oil levels leaving behind a soft, natural & streak-free matte/satin-look finish.
  • Refract Leather Protect is slightlt leather scented & non-slippery giving you that new-car smell & feel.
  • Refract Leather Protect will prevent leather & Faux Leather surfaces from premature wear by softening pores to allow a less-agressive natural stretching & expansion of leather over time. 
  • This easy-to-spread & long-lasting lotion emulsion is designed to not only revive genuine leather surfaces but also most modern vehicles with polyurethane top-coated faux leather & vinyls.


  1. Prior to use we recommend using Refract Cabin-Clean to remove any built-up dirt & debris from the surface with the included Refract Pro-Scrub Cleaning Pad & wipe off the lifted debris with the included Refract Multi-Pro Microfiber Towel. This will ensure an even & deepply-cleaned base surface to apply protection! 
  2. Squeeze a small amount of Refract Leather Protect onto the included  Refract Easy-Apply soft microfiber applicator pad.
  3. Fold the applicator in half to prime the pad and begin massaging into the leather or faux leather surface with small circular massaging actions. Complete a small or comfortable sized section at a time & repeat if required.
  4. Take the included clean, dry & flat-folded Refract Multi-Clean Microfiber towel and flatten any streaks or high spots before the product dries.
  5. Continue the process until complete. Repeat if required.



    • Leather and vinyl surfaces tend to collect day to day grime build-up in the grains and stitching. Upon initial cleaning use a soft Refract Natural Bristle Detailing brush or our amazing Refract Pro-Scrub Pad with Refract Cabin-Clean to thoroughly clean & prepare for the best protection & appearance outcomes.
    • Try applying Refract Leather Protect to stitched areas first as those areas tend to allow more absorbtion & then blend the larger sections in!


    1 x 500ml squeeze, pop-top spouted Refract Leather-Protect.

    1 x 100ml sample sized Refract Cabin-Clean Citrus Cleaner.

    1 x Refract Pro-Scrub Cleaning Pad.

    1 x Refract Easy-Apply Microfiber Applicator Pad.

    1 x Refract Multi-Pro Korean Blend Microfiber flattening & or cleaning towel.


    Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

    Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

    Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia

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