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Refract X-Glass - Bore Water Stain & Heavy Scale Spot Remover Kit

Refract X-Glass - Bore Water Stain & Heavy Scale Spot Remover Kit

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Refract X-Glass - Bore Water Stain & Heavy Scale Spot Remover Kit

Our patent X-Glass Kit removes hard mineral scale, spotting & bore water staining on glass, by hand, in seconds.

Refract Patent Formula & Guaranteed to work! 

Non scratching, non abrasive. DIY & Pro Detailer friendly.

One 200g tub of Refract X-Glass will treat approx. 8-10 (or more if used sparingly) full-windowed sedan type vehicles.

This particular vehicle is a 2014 Security Vehicle with 360 thousand kms on the clock..
- Has never been undercover & is constantly bombarded with every bore sprinkler & hard-core environmental element you can throw at it!!!!

Normally, to remove this heavy staining (which you can literally feel & hear) would take hours to remove with a Rotary Polisher & Extremely Hard Fiberglass Pad.

This rear door window took approx. 3 minutes from whoa to go.

From a completely destroyed & probably close-to-being not safe to full clarity in only a few short moments.

Easy Diy, no machine polishing, electrical tools or dangerous acids... all done by hand with slight rubbing.

Paste Formula, Non Acidic, Non-burning & very simple to use with the included scrub pad. 

Your bathroom shower screens & ceramic tiles will look absolutely stunning btw too..

Cleans and removes industrial pollution, Japanese acid rain, thick mineral formation & hard-set lime coagulation & not to mention the dirtiest & filthiest brown bore water staining you can give it....💩

One 200g tub of Refract X-Glass will treat approx. 8-10 full-windowed vehicles.

 ⚠️ Caution using abrasive scrub pad on some side mirrors as scratching may be induced (as they are actually reflective plastic & not glass). 

Can be used on painted & piano black plastics however DO NOT USE the abrasive-side of the applicator! Soft-Microfiber side only! 

Refract X-Glass can be also used effectively on glass shower screens, porcelain tiles & mirrors.

Safe to use on vehicle-wrapped matte-vinyl or matte-painted surfaces with the abrasive scrub pad however always test & check carefully for scratching in an inconspicuous area first! 

Directions for use:

- Wash glass with hot soapy dishwashing detergent & water to remove surface grease. 

-  Tape-off any surrounding high gloss or surrounding surfaces to avoid scratching

- Spray or Drip a tiny amount of water onto the white-abrasive side of the supplied applicator & scrape a small 5 cent sized of white cleaning paste from the tub with the applicator.

- Start by lightly covering the affected area with a smearing of paste & start massaging with a medium-firm circular or hash-tag motion. 

- lightly spritz more water if paste starts to dry. 

- Wipe off the area with a damp microfiber waffle towel (Included) & repeat process if required. 

- Wash or pressure-wash the glass to remove any traces of paste haze. 


Protecting your newly cleaned glass & surfaces from further exposure to bore-water & environmental conditions that cause spotting is a vital necessity.

Once your glass & surfaces are free from staining & spots we strongly recommend Refract Pro Strength "Glass" cleaner kit & Refract "Pro-Glass" protection kit immediately after spot removal.

This will not only give you Chrystal-clear glass but it will provide huge hydrophobic properties & stop bore & water spotting from reoccurring.

Keep on top of your glass-care maintenance by cleaning your glass every wash with Refract "Glass" cleaner but also by reapplying Refract Pro-Glass Protective Coating every 6-12 months.. 

Size: 200g

White Non Abrasive Paste

Non Toxic

Wear Gloves & avoid exposure to skin as drying may occur. 

No Trade Pricing for this product. 


Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia




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