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Micro Detailer Nano Polisher Kit - Multi Function

Micro Detailer Nano Polisher Kit - Multi Function

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Micro Detailer Nano Polisher Kit - Multi Function

Dual Action & Rotary

The perfect little polishing tool to remove defects off exterior paint & interior surfaces.

With the ability to change heads to a full dual action polisher or by simply screwing on of the rotary attachment shafts then you'll have all your detailing bases covered! 

This New little Mini Polisher certainly packs a punch. The power it can deliver is impressive & now with a radial click type speed controller, 11 speed adjustment & lock-button on the side then we just know you're going to love it! 

The Refract Battery Powered Micro Polishing Kit Includes:

6 x 5-Packs of our 40mm Refract mini pads with the full range of Refract X-Heavy Cutting Wool Pads through to our Fine Finishing Foams! (30 Pads)

1 x 50mm Hook & Loop Backing Plate with 3 x 50mm Tapered Foam Pads Included. (Cut, Polish, Finish)

1 x Custom Internal 80 Watt 12V Mini Polisher

1 x 100mm Bell-Tapered Rotary Extension Bar (Brilliant for behind mirrors & deep into grilles) 

1 x 26mm Short Rotary Extension Bar (Get nice & close to trim edges & in-between gaps!) 

Tough Refract Accessories Canvas Pouch

Rigid-Shell Type Zippered Storage Case.

2 x 12Volt, 2.3Ah lithium Rechargeable Batteries & 240v/10amp Wall Charging Dock 

1 x 30mm Hook & Loop Backing Plate (For DA & Rotary Polishing)

2 x Dual Action Orbit Attachments (3 & 12mm)

Screw-On Safety Shroud

In-built over-load sheer-shaft link pin. (Small blue pvc piece in the head accessories box)

12 Months Warranty


Q. What happens if my polisher got turned on in my Detailing Bag & it's now not working?

A. Don't stress it isn't fully broken or anything & can be fixed without returning it etc)

There's a mechanical sheer shaft-link situated between the electric motor & the rotating output shaft which is designed to protect the motor & gearing from damage in an overload or fouling situation. 
This can happen if too much pressure is applied at a high rpm or if its rotation is fully fouled under load for a period of time. (Same principle as a fuse basically).
In the head accessories kit there's a spare small short-shaft (The blue pvc one).
(this is the safety link you'll need to remove & replace into the neck of the polisher). 
  • 1. Remove the battery & unscrew the head shroud. 
  • 2. Remove any head-accessories. 
  • 3. With a small screwdriver undo the screws which allow half the casing to lift. (Be careful not to dislodge any wiring).
  • 4. Take the broken sheer-shaft out from the transmission shaft & replace with the spare one (observing correct direction).
  • 5. Place the casing back ensuring no wires are being pinched & evenly screw the casing screws until firm but not over-tightened. 
  • 6. Screw the safety shroud back on the head & attach the desired accessory head. 
  • 7. Insert battery & it'll be good to go! 
  • Try not to over load the polisher or get its rotation stuck. This could have happened if the trigger was depressed in a detailing bag etc or whilst being used etc. Keep the polisher stored in its hard casing bag when transporting it etc.
  • Should only take a few minutes to get it going again! 



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