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DYE-BACK - Plastics Restorer

DYE-BACK - Plastics Restorer

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 REFRACT DYE-BACK - Plastics Restorer

Revives & Protects Colour on New or Faded Plastic Bumpers & Trim


  • DYE-BACK is a permanent* colour restoration & protection solution for Black, Grey or New plastic bumpers and trim.
  • DYE-BACK contains a rich ingredient list of polymers, dyes and uv protection agents that revive & protect black, grey and new car exterior plastics permanently*
  • These polymers penetrate-into clean & well prepped hard plastic surfaces creating a permanent* bond which gives a hydrophobic, rich colour and evenly finished surface
  • With an easy to apply, non-streaking, non-greasy and non-colour-transfer finish you can now protect & restore your plastics for years not days
  • *Current Testing in Australian Conditions Indicate Test Surfaces Still Maintain Consistent Colour & Protection after 2 Years.


  1. For optimal results use ALL PREP to remove oils, waxes and silicone(s)
  2. Ensure surface is clean, cool, dry & in a shaded environment
  3. Prepare a slightly damp PRO WIPE microfiber towel
  4. Wear nitrile gloves
  5. Shake bottle thoroughly
  6. Pour a small amount of DYE-BACK onto supplied foam or microfiber applicator
  7. Start applying DYE-BACK in a crosshatch pattern followed by circular motions.
  8. After 30-40 seconds, take your damp, flat folded towel or microfiber pad and lightly flatten the coating to remove any streaks or high spots.
  9. Further utilise a dry microfiber towel or supplied microfiber applicator pad to buff if necessary
  10. Repeat process if required within 10-minute intervals.

    1 x 100ml bottle of DYE-BACK can treat up 3 sedan-type vehicles with 2-3 layers depending on plastic surface area size.

    Note - Jeeps will require at least 2 x 100ml bottles to cover large plastic surface areas adequately.



    • REFRACT DYE-BACK can cover "Tiger Striping" in hard plastics. This "Tiger Striping" (often recognised by white wave type patterns). These patterns occur when severe failure of the plastic has already occurred and the structure of the plastic has failed. DYE-BACK can fix light striping however it is case-by-case.
    • Surface preparation is vital to achieve long lasting & even results.
    • Plastics subjected to prior heavy silicone(s) may reduce bonding ability.
    • DYE-BACK is NOT designed for use on RUBBER. Refract Tyre HD should be used on rubber surfaces & trims.
    • DYE-BACK can be layered for heavier faded plastics within 10-minute intervals.
    • Future coats can be applied if required ensuring surface is clean prior to application.
    • Can be used on all car, bike, SUV, motor-home, boat and all hard, textured, plastic surfaces.



    •  Black - 100mls
    •  Grey - 100mls
    •  Clear - 100mls  (For new or good condition plastics) (will slightly "pop" the colour).


    • 1 Bottle REFRACT DYE-BACK 100ml 
    • 2 Foam applicators
    • 1 x Microfiber Applicator Pad
    •  Instruction manual



      • The best way to stop your plastic trims fading is to protect them from new. Use DYE-BACK (Transparent) to reduce uv before the damage is done!.
      • Sometimes plastic trim areas like scuttles around windscreen wiper arms are tricky to prep and coat. Take the time to remove those pieces for optimum results use a small brush to disperse dye-back around. 
      • Some plastic trims have intricate areas that can be difficult to prep and coat with the foam applicator. 
      • We recommend masking tape for adjacent painted areas that are at a high risk of getting accidentally coated. Mask of that area with a low tack tape.
      • Light scuff sanding with 3000 grit dry sandpaper can be utilised for older plastics that may have heavy silicone infusion previously to ensure long life bonding.

      Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

      Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

      Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia

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