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Pro Scrub Pad Packs - Micro Bristle

Pro Scrub Pad Packs - Micro Bristle

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Experience a new level of clean with Pro Scrub Pad Packs - micro bristle technology refracts dirt on any surface!

Introducing the Pro Scrub Pad Packs - your go-to solution for a spotless and squeaky-clean vehicle! With its innovative micro bristle technology, these scrub pads refract light to reveal every nook and cranny of your car interior or exterior. Our cleaning pad packs are designed to tackle even the toughest grime and dirt, ensuring that your ride is always looking as new as the day you got it. Perfectly sized for ease of use, each pack contains multiple scrub pads, so you can get a thorough clean in one wash without having to reach for another packet midway through. Say goodbye to stubborn stains on upholstery or rims – with our Pro Scrub Pad Packs, nothing stands between you and a showroom-worthy vehicle!

  • The micro bristle technology ensures a thorough and effective cleaning of both vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • With refract capabilities, the Pro Scrub Pad Pack can tackle even the toughest grime with ease
  • The scrub pad design provides ample surface area for efficient cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces
  • A versatile cleaning pad that can be used on a variety of surfaces, making it an essential tool for any car owner or detailer

Pro Scrub Pad Packs - Micro Bristle

Not often you find a scrub & cleaning pad that has a unique material that is soo multipurpose & soo applicable to a wide range of vehicle interior & exterior surfaces! 

These Refract Micro Scrub Cleaning Pads are kind of a cross between a Magic Eraser & a very fine scotch-brite pad but with tiny little soft bristled-whiskers!

Absolutely one of the most useful, fast-result & safe to use on nearly all surfaces!

These would have to be one of the best detailing tools we have ever used to date! And they're soo simple & affordable! 

These new Refract Micro Scrub Cleaning Pads - (Regular & Large sizes) are handmade & hand-sewn ensuring durability & longevity.

One side of the scrub pad is made from a unique fabric that has tiny little velvet-like bristles and the other is a soft, low-pile microfiber.

The inside of the pad features a soft cushioning material and is all sewn together with thick, double-crossed, hd stitching.

These new Refract Micro Scrub Cleaning Pads pads are ideal for many vehicle detailing and cleaning procedures & you are seriously missing out if you aren't using them!

The pads are available in 2 sizes. Regular (4 Pack) & Large (Twin Pack)

Here's just a few things we've found that they work extremely well with! There are literally hundreds of other areas we could think of too! 

- Using with Interior Cleaner Liquids to agitate & clean textured plastics.

- Cleaning leather, vinyl & faux leather seats

- Absolutely amazing for cleaning gunk off & out-of steering wheel grains with our Citrus Cabin Clean All Purpose Cleaner

- Scrubbing Tyres

- Applying our Refract Tyre-HD black rubber & trim restorer

- Applying our Glass-X Bore & Water Stain Remover paste

- Scrubbing old polish & compound out of textured plastics & gaps.

Plus heaps more! 


Regular - 13 x 8cm - 4 Pads

Large - 13 x 16cm - 2 Pads


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