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Pro Apply Liquid-Block Applicators - Twin Pack

Pro Apply Liquid-Block Applicators - Twin Pack

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Get the Pro Apply advantage with Liquid-Block technology and experience flawless application every time, thanks to our Microfiber Twin Pack!

Introducing the Pro Apply Liquid-Block Applicators Twin Pack, your perfect solution to a flawless application every time! These innovative applicators are designed with premium microfiber technology and liquid-block properties that prevent any product absorption. This means you can say goodbye to annoying spills and wasted product. The twin pack design ensures you always have a backup handy for those last-minute touch-ups.. So why settle for less? Get your hands on the Pro Apply Liquid-Block Applicators today and achieve makeup perfection effortlessly!

  • Pro Apply LiquidBlock Applicators make applying your favourite products a breeze, thanks to their advanced design and microfiber technology
  • With liquidblock technology, these applicators ensure that you get the most out of each drop of product while preventing any mess or waste
  • The twin pack ensures that you always have a spare applicator on hand for quick touchups or multiple applications in one sitting
  • Whether you're applying makeup, skincare products, or other liquids, Pro Apply LiquidBlock Applicators are an essential tool for achieving flawless results every time

Pro Apply Liquid-Block Applicators - Twin Pack

Microfiber with Internal Liquid-Block Sheeting

13 x 9 x 3.5cm 

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