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Nano Micro Polisher Mini Nano Pads

Nano Micro Polisher Mini Nano Pads

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Nano Micro Polisher Mini Pads

Available in each type & mixed packs of our selected Refract range of Cutting, Polishing, Finishing & One-Step Pads.

Suit Mini Nano Battery Polishers with a 1.5" (40mm) hook & loop backing plate such as the Rupes Nano Ibrid & our Nano Micro Battery Polisher.

Pads are durable, long lasting & made from very high quality German foam with our unique rubber insert plate which provides superior surface contact & keeps temps lower for longer & with less stalling! 
Our Refract Mini Nano Micro Pads will NOT prematurely shred, delaminate or buldge in the middle like all other pads do! They are made with highly lubricated ingredients that give smooth & consistent results. They are reusable, easy to clean & have very durable hook & loop backing plate material to ensure the don't fling off under high speed.
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