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Door Jamb Polishing Prop Bar

Door Jamb Polishing Prop Bar

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REFRACT Door Jamb Polishing Prop Bar 

Pin your vehicles doors, boots, hoods, trunks & bonnets open & in a comfortable & convenient position whilst cleaning, polishing & protecting.

Made from lightweight Aluminium, the adjustable Refract Door Jamb Polishing Prop Bar provides a stable & safe way to machine polish right up to the door & panel edges.

The Refract Door Jamb Prop Bar quickly & easily locks into most vehicles door latching mechanism & fastens in place using the C-Clamp Hook on the vehicles door frame. 

Adjustment is via the sliding aluminium rail & is locked in tight via the knurled threaded screw bolt.

To remove, simply hold the bar & pull or push the electric button on the vehicles door handle or locking catch! (Bonnets/Hoods are unlatched via pushing the local release spring)

Max Bar Length - 460mm

Min Bar Securing Length - 310mm

Diameter - 20mm

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