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REFRACT Ezy Clay Dissolving Lubricant Tablets

REFRACT Ezy Clay Dissolving Lubricant Tablets

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REFRACT Ezy Clay Dissolving Lubricant Tablets

Safely lube your vehicle whilst using Clay Products. Convenient and cost saving alternative to pre-mixed

  • 1 Tablet makes up to 800mls
  • Simply dissolve in clean water
  • Bright Blue Clay Lubricant
  • Ph Neutral, all paint and surface safe
  • Pack of 2 (Makes up to 1.6 Litres)

Decontaminating your Vehicles Paint and Surfaces is an essential part of Detailing if you want to get the best results.

Using Clay-Bar products is one of the simplest yet most overlooked procedure that is really quite simple to do and can give dramatic results.

Clay Products are used to remove surface contaminants like Carbon, Tar, Sap and other Environmental Fall-outs that cannot be removed with traditional washing and cleaning methods.

Using a Clay BarClay PadClay Towel, or Clay Glove need to be combined with a suitable lubricant to ensure micro-marring and scratches cannot easily occur.

  • Often Detailers are forced to use "Quick Detailing Sprays" or "Washing Detergents' which is fine but it gets costly and often some do not contain enough of a protection cushion between the paints surface and the clay product of choice.
  • Pre-mixed Clay Lubricants are readily available however end up being quite costly as most vehicles will need at least 800mls of Clay Lube to complete.
  • The PH Neutral Refract Clay Lube Tablets have been designed to be dissolved in up to 800mls of water in a spray bottle. The bright Blue Clay Lubricant Liquid will dissolve to form a nice consistent clay lube to gently cling to your paints surfaces and allow Clay Bars and Clay Products to glide with ease.

1 Pack consists of 2 x Individually wrapped Clay Lube Tablets that can mix up to 1.6 litres. (1 Tablet = 800mls)

Vehicle Preparations before claying

  1. Ensure your Vehicle has been fully washed and dried ensuring that the maximum amount of dirt and debris has been removed
  2. Products like Refract Decon X can be utilised to remove "Below" surface embedded contaminants that Clay Bars may not reach first.
  3. Ideally all Detailing should be done Indoors to minimise dirt and debris in the air however with a keen eye and "Feel" then this can be easily avoided.

Directions for USE:

  1. Fill a clean spray bottle with 600-800mls of clean fresh water.
  2. Remove 1 x Clay Lube Tablet from the protective wrapper and place into the neck of the bottle
  3. Observe the tablet starting to react with the water and allow to fully dissolve 
  4. Firmly secure your Sprayer Head onto your bottle and give a few shakes
  5. Set the Spray Bottles Nozzle to a fine/medium mist and you're ready to go!
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