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Refract Fabric Pro Coat

Refract Fabric Pro Coat

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Refract Fabric Pro Coat

Protect your interior fabrics and any other material surfaces from stains & liquid spills by applying a professional strength waterproofing agent.

Refract Fabric Pro Coat is an easy to apply nano based spray liquid that creates a tightly formed bond without changing the feel of carpets, matts or fabric covered surfaces.

Once applied and cured the surface of your fabrics become resistant to many water based liquids including soft drink, coffee, milk & sweat.


Ensure ventilation is adequate before application

Ensure fabrics & carpets are clean & vacuumed 

Liberally spray Pro Coat into the fibers of the fabric until wet 

Gently massage the liquid through the material with a soft bristles brush ensuring full coverage.

Allow the surface to naturally dry (6-8 hours) before use.

Includes Spray Trigger


500ml is enough liquid to treat a full set of a standard 5 seater sedan or wagons carpets & floor mats or 5 fabric material seats.


Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia

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