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Refract Finger Clay Pad - International Professional Detailing Award Winning - Includes 2 Clay Lubricant Dissolving Tablets

Refract Finger Clay Pad - International Professional Detailing Award Winning - Includes 2 Clay Lubricant Dissolving Tablets

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Refract Finger Clay Pad

Includes 2 Clay Lubricant Dissolving Tablets

First of its kind in Australia & has won several International Design & Detailing Awards is our new Refract Finger Clay Pad!

Used primarily to quickly & safely remove above-surface contaminants from vehicle paint & exterior surfaces whilst leaving the slickest & smoothest surface you can get!

Removes debris such as carbon spots, tar & oversprays but is also amazing at quickly removing road grime & film buildups from windscreens & glass! 

Includes 2 Clay Lubricant Dissolving Tablets

The new Refract Finger Clay Pad surface & cushioning pad is uniquely-made with natural rubbers & clays from the original & first Patented Japanese Claybar Company. 

With a combination of Brazilian, Japanese & Korean materials then this combination & blend is why it has gained International award winning recognition in the Professional Detailing Industries Globally. 

Each Country Company adds their own unique and secret addition to the pad & then finally it ends up in Taiwan for its final destination before shipping!  

It is hard-wearing, soft & smooth to use, comfortable to operate & is safe, fast & effective on all paint and exterior surfaces.

Some of the main features apart from the soft, thick, 3mm clay surface area is the internally cushioned, water-retaining & panel contouring material.

This internal cushioning, encased with soft Korean heavily sewn microfiber gives it the ability to retain water & release the perfect amount of lubrication from the exposed front face ring of microfiber once pressure is applied.

Turn the pad over and you'll find a full-faced microfiber 4-finger securing strap which accomodates the use of your thumb to hold & navigate the pad without any accidental dropping. 

Directions for use:

1. Soak your Refract Finger Clay Pad in a bucket of Ph Neutral warm water. 

2. Using a thick piled microfiber towel, spray bottle or Microfiber wash mitt, generously soak the surface one panel at a time and glide the Refract Finger Clay against the surface in a back and forth method, 30cm x 30cm at a time until smooth. A slick, low resistance smooth surface can be felt with wet fingers once complete.

3. Keep all surfaces highly lubricated at all times and if any scratching or sounds of debris are visually or audibly evident then simply rinse the Clay Pad in your clean rinse bucket or spray the clay surface to clear the debris. Wipe the panel clean and continue.

4. Wipe each completed panel and window dry before moving on to avoid water streaks remaining. 


Start Claying from the least contaminant prone areas like windows, upper door panel areas and vertical surfaces. Lower sections of vehicles around doors, bumpers and side skirts often have the most contamination. Do these sections last to avoid heavy build-up on the clay surface which could induce un-necessary marks and fine scratches.

The clay-process is the safest way to decontaminate your vehicles surfaces prior to polishing & applying waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings for maximum surface adherence & performance.

Claying should be carried out every 6 months or when more frequently on vehicles  exposed to harsher environment conditions.

Refract always recommend Polishing your vehicle after clay treatment as heavier contaminant removal may leave fine marks. 

The Claying Pad can be safely used as a maintenance tool if lubrication and careful use is adhered. 

Store in a clean and dry environment with included hanging hook.

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