REFRACT Glass Pro Coat - 100ml

REFRACT Glass Pro Coat - 100ml

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REFRACT Glass Pro Coat

is an easy to use, pro-strength liquid product for Pro & DIY use that creates a hydrophobic barrier between your exterior glass & the elements! 

After applying Glass Pro Coat & allowed to cure for at least 8 hours provides an easy to clean, high water repellent, water beading, thermal & UV reduction, smooth glass finish! 

Your windscreen wipers will be needed a lot less & become a lot smoother. Visibility will be increased in wet & raining conditions & will stop water spots from occurring.

(Water droplet movement & hydrophobic affect whilst driving occurs at approximately 50-60 Kms/hr)

Application is very simple & only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Ensure windscreen & or exterior glass is clean from heavy debris. For initial application we recommend ensuring that the vehicles Wiper Blades are new or well-cleaned to avoid any smears or scratching in the new coating.
  2. For optimal results we recommend Clay Barring first to remove any surface contaminants.
  3. Ensuring the glass is dry, simply apply a few dots of Glass Pro Coat to the supplied Applicator & start applying a thin & even layer to the entire surface in a circle-type motion. (Adding a few more drops as required)
  4. Once full coverage is achieved, use a cross-hatch, 50% overlapping motion with a few more dots of product on the applicator evenly across the glass.
  5. Your last "Pass" ideally should be finished from the top of the glass to the bottom. (To align with the vehicles path of motion when it is raining). This helps create a path of least resistance for water droplets.
  6. Once Glass Pro Coat has been applied & left for approximately 10 minutes then it can be wiped-clear with a flat-folded, low-pile Microfiber Towel (Preferably a Waffle Towel) from the hazing that it will form! 

Whilst having no particular "Flash-Time", Glass Pro Coat can be left overnight or for a few hours before wipe-off to allow an extra tight bond to the glass. 

Note:  Leaving Glass Pro Coat on the glass surface longer than 10 minutes or applying excessive thickness may require a very light water mist to assist in removal. 

Note: Avoid using windscreen wipers for at least 8-10 hours if possible to allow the product to full cure & harden. Try Not to exposure the windscreen & or glass surface to water or heavy environmental contaminant conditions within this time period either! If unavoidable & exposed to water/rain or bug splatter etc then its recommended to dry & or remove bug splatter at the earliest opportunity to avoid water spotting or bug etching whilst curing.   

Refract Glass Pro Coat CAN be layered to assist increasing longevity, thickness & hydrophobic properties within 10 minute intervals (Each coat MUST be clean-wiped before next application layer is applied)

Glass Pro Coat can be used on a regular basis whilst maintenance washing & can last up to 6 months with minimal wiper usage & environmental conditions. 

Normal Glass Cleaners will not remove or reduce the coatings properties however we recommend not using any harsh acids etc 

A light Clay-bar is recommended to prior to re-applying Glass Pro Coat when Maintenance Washing to remove any fine environmental build-up that may reduce the products ability to adhere to the surface.

100mls. 10 x Windscreens. 

Includes 2 x Applicators & 2 x 60x70cm Refract Waffle Towel.

Black- Transparent Glass, screw top bottle.

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