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Refract Plastic Pro Coat - 100ml

Refract Plastic Pro Coat - 100ml

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Transform your plastic surfaces with Refract Plastic Pro Coat - the ultimate blend of silicone-dioxide and polyurethane for unbeatable protection and shine in just 100ml!

Are you tired of your plastic surfaces fading away due to harsh weather conditions or constant wear and tear? Refract Plastic Pro Coat is here to save the day! Made with advanced Silicone-dioxide and Polyurethane technology, this 100ml bottle will efficiently protect your plastic items from UV rays, water damage, and other environmental factors. The easy-to-apply formula dries quickly into a clear coat that blends seamlessly with all colours and textures. Say goodbye to dull-looking plastics and hello to long-lasting shine with Refract Plastic Pro Coat!

  • Protects and rejuvenates plastic surfaces with a long lasting coating
  • Contains silicone dioxide for added durability against harsh weather conditions
  • Polyurethane formula prevents fading, cracking, and discoloration over time
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly for hassle free protection of your car's exterior or interior plastics

Refract Plastic Pro Coat is an easy to apply, long lasting silicone-dioxide/polyurethane liquid that will protect & enhance new or worn interior & exterior bare plastic trims, bumpers & grills.


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