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REFRACT Pro Dry - Twisted Loop Rapid Drying Towels

REFRACT Pro Dry - Twisted Loop Rapid Drying Towels

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Experience the ultimate drying power with REFRACT Pro Drys Korean Microfiber Twisted Loop Towels - designed for rapid drying, leaving your surfaces spotless and effortlessly dry! 

Introducing the REFRACT Pro Dry - Twisted Loop Rapid Drying Towels - an innovative and highly effective drying solution for your vehicle. Crafted from premium quality Korean microfiber, these towels are designed to provide superior levels of absorbency, durability, and rapidity in drying. Thanks to their unique twisted loop design, they are not only able to soak up more water than typical towels but also dry much faster too! So if you're looking for a high-quality and reliable solution for achieving a spotless finish on your car or bike at breakneck speed, look no further than the REFRACT Pro Dry Twisted Loop Rapid Drying Towels today!

  • REFRACT Pro Dry towels are made of highquality Korean microfiber, ensuring superior absorption and cleaning performance
  • The twisted loop design allows for rapid drying, reducing the time it takes to dry your car or other surfaces
  • These towels are durable and longlasting, making them a costeffective choice for any car enthusiast or professional detailer
  • Say goodbye to streaks and water spots with these highly effective and efficient towels that leave surfaces perfectly dry in no time!

Available in 2 sizes!

  • With its ability to absorb a massive amount of water whilst leaving minimal streaks allows the detailer to maximise efficiency and achieve professional results fast!
  • Rapidly wicks away moisture, safely drawing water and any debris away from the surface and into the fiber crevices of the towel
  • High Quality A-A Graded 70/30 Blend Korean Microfiber
  • Large 70 x100cm or Medium 70 x 50cm Sizes Available
  • Lint-Free, rounded corners with no tags or labels
  • 1400gsm double sided and double stitched
  • Light Blue microfiber raised loops with soft, scratch-free seams
  • Gentle warm machine washable, line Dry Only

Customer Comments:

"Absolutely hands down the best drying towel I've used and is now the only towel I use in my detailing arsenal" 5 Stars, Scott M, Facebook 15/10/2020

"Ok, best drying towels. In. The. World! Hands down, utterly superb." 


5 Stars, Paul W, Facebook 3/8/2020 

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