Refract Pro-Glass Microfiber Waffle Towels - Twin Pack

REFRACT Pro-Glass Microfiber Waffle Towels 400gsm 70x50cm - Twin Pack
50x70cm Korean Microfiber
Often one of the least favourite areas to clean and maintain are windows and glass.
The wrong type of towel or product simply leaves you feeling frustrated and with smudged results!

We know the secret to achieving crystal clear glass and it’s simpler than you would have been led to believe!

    The secret is in the type of towel, the liquid used and a quick, simple method.
    ''Leave your newspapers for the kitty litter and start getting results you want!''
    Waffle weave towels are often reserved for drying paint however after years of detailing we believe that they’re much better suited for streak-free window cleaning and polishing.

      Your first deep waffle microfiber acts like thousands of blade-like wipers that pick-up debris and then collect in the deep grooves. Other so-called “glass towels” tend to just smear the debris.

        The second waffle towel is to polish and remove any minor smudges and collect any last traces.

        400gsm 80/20 Microfiber Waffle
        50x70cm, Soft Bordered Seam
        Warm machine washable, Line or Cool Machine Dry
        Pro Tip Method - 
        Start with the edge of the Windows. (This area is often over-looked but if left untouched ruins the final finish).

          Slightly lower your windows to reveal the edge of the glass that is normally retracted into the door or vehicle frame.

            Spray a fine mist of Glass Cleaner onto your towel and grip the window edge like a snap lock bag

              Pinch and quickly move along that edge 2-3 times until clean. Continue to the next one using only a small pinch section of the towel each time. Return Windows to fully inserted position on completion.

                Next is to quickly rough clean the corners and edges around the inner frames. (This area is a major culprit for smeared glass and must be cleaned thoroughly)

                  Using a clean piece of waffle towel, place two fingers behind the towel and spray another fine mist onto the exposed surface. Position yourself to be able to see the dirty edges area and corners and firmly apply pressure in long even pressure strokes (Shifting towel to a clean position when necessary).  

                    Still only using your first Waffle Towel, Fold it flat into a manageable size. Spray a fine mist of SHIMMER Glass Cleaner onto that clean surface and with firm pressure and closed fingers clean the entire surface in a crosshatch pattern. Repeat to all windows and glass surfaces.
                    Take your second Polishing Waffle Towel, fold flat and repeat the crosshatch pattern until all smears and smudges have disappeared. (Adjust hand pressure as required)


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