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REFRACT Pro Wash Plush Korean Microfiber Towel | 500gsm | 60x40cm

REFRACT Pro Wash Plush Korean Microfiber Towel | 500gsm | 60x40cm

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REFRACT Pro Wash Plush Korean Microfiber Towel | 500gsm | 60x40cm 
Soft, High Pile Korean Blend, Edgeless, 
70/30 | 500gsm
  • Paint and Vehicle surfaces can be extremely soft & sensitive, they can be easily scratched or micro-marred if the in-correct type or quality of towel is used. 

  • Using only high quality Korean Microfiber Towels for washing or removing wax's & sealants reduces these risks dramatically. 

  • These Edgeless Korean 500gsm 70/30 Blend Microfiber Towels are the highest quality available. (AA Graded)

  • Our 60x40cm Pro Wash & Wipe Towels are perfect for folding into 8 sides. Revealing a new, clean & flat surface for each panel .

  • Pro Wash & Wipe Microfiber Towels have all been pre-washed to remove any natural lint & have all been magnetically checked to ensure maximum safety. 


  • Use wet for rinseless washing

  • As a replacement for wash mitts

  • For safe removal of wax, sealants & other protective surface treatments

  • Removal of polish & compound off Hyper-Sensitive painted surfaces

  • Use Dry for wiping piano black glossy interior surfaces to avoid scratching

  • Wiping Instrument Clusters & Clear PVC screens


  • Dual piled, double stitched
  • 100% Korean Split Microfiber (Circular Knit Weave)
  • Plush 500gsm (Grams per Square Meter)
  • 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide microfiber blend (Softest available anywhere)
  • Large 60x40cm
  • Edgeless & magnetically checked


  • Multi Award Winning Microfiber Towel Manufacturer Korea 1991-2018

Country Of Origin:

  • South Korea


  • Grey


  • Knife-Cut, Edgeless
  • Triple Edge Back Sewn (A Unique & labour some technique to minimise fraying)


  • Machine wash (40 Degrees) with a mild liquid detergent (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach or softeners). Tumble dry on a low/No Heat. Do NOT iron
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