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Refract Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid Dry Water

Refract Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid Dry Water

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Refract Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid

Refract  Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid is a highly lubricated, stand-alone rinseless-wash bucket & towel shampoo & hi-gloss finish or a final-rinse towel-drying aid.

Towel-Drying the water from your sensitive vehicle paint & surfaces with just the remaining surface water from your final  soap-wash-off is one of the main causes of fine swirling & scratching.

Trying to dry sensitive painted surfaces & piano-black trims with dry towel & just the water on the vehicles surface gives ZERO lubrication and is a bad habit recipe for instant scratching! 

Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid contains professional grade strengths & levels of ph-neutral shampoos, glossing agents, water bonding molecules & most importantly high levels of lubrication & rapid-drying-aid ingredients.

You can now literally dry your vehicle 3 times faster & safer with next to no streaking even on your first drying towel wipe! 

Refract Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid is an amazing product which should always be incorporated into your washing routine

 Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid  will help reduce full-water washing & drying duration & also safely help you conduct a rinse-less method if you don't or are not allowed to use a pressure washer in your area. Leaving a clean, super slick, uv protected, high gloss, bone dry surface is now quicker & much much easier! 

Refract  Rinseless Wash & Drying Aid  is so multi-purpose & versatile that it can also be used for quick window cleaning, as a clay lube, as a quick interior wipe-down or a safe way to soak & lift bird droppings prior to wipe-off if & when the unfortunate happens!

Works brilliantly in a foam cannon for a quick entire-vehicle drying aid! 


Rinse-less washing requires a minimum of 4 Pro-Wash Microfiber Towels plus a Refract Pro-Dry Twisted Loop Drying Towel.

  1. Fill 2 x 20 Litre Buckets with grit guards in the bottom with clean cool water & pour 60-100mls of Dry Water into your dedicated wash bucket.
  2. Place your first Towel in the bucket of water and allow to soak.
  3. Mix a separate 800ml spray bottle with 30mls of Refract Dry Water & fill the remainder with water.
  4. Working from the least-dirty upper areas & working down, spray a light mist of Dry Water onto a comfortable working section at a time.
  5. Remove the soaked Refract Pro-Wash Towel from the wash bucket and wring until damp.
  6. Fold the towel in half and then half again.
  7. Working from right to left, wipe the panel in shoulder width lengths with firm and flat pressure avoiding going back over the same area twice.
  8. Flick your wrist at the end of each wipe to keep the removed debris on the towel.
  9. Turn the towel over and repeat the process until all sides of the towel are have been used against a dirty surface.
  10. Place that used towel in your dedicated rinse bucket to soak and continue on with your next Refract Pro-Wash Towel until a full panel or comfortable work area is clean!  
  11. Use your pre-mixed Dry Water Spray & lightly mist your Refract Pro-Dry Twisted Loop Microfiber Towel and the panel surface.
  12. Fold the drying towel flat and gently dry each panel as you go to avoid streaking.


  • Wash your soiled microfiber towels separately in a warm, 40 degree washing machine with a mild detergent. Warm or Cool Machine Dry Only!
  • Safely store your microfibers in a sealed-lid container for next time.


Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia

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