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Tyre HD - Black Dye Tyre & Rubber Trim Restorer

Tyre HD - Black Dye Tyre & Rubber Trim Restorer

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Refract Tyre HD

Black Dye Tyre & Rubber Trim Penetrant

Refract Tyre HD is an easy to use professional strength black tyre & rubber trim protection & enhancement penetrant.

Made with advanced pro-strength polymers & dyes Refract Tyre HD penetrates deep into rubber surfaces allowing the natural rubber to expand & contract whilst maintaining its colour & reducing the natural brown rubber blooming affect.

Refract Tyre HD gives a deep, flat, low sheen, non-sling natural finish appearance on all tyre types and can keep your rubber looking brand-new for months at a time.

Refract Tyre HDs durability, resistance to harsh external elements, rubber blooming & fading is just one of the key benefits when using a non-silicon surface type liquid.

Giving deep satin or matte-looks when flattened, Refract Tyre HD will give your thoroughly cleaned & prepped rubber surfaces the best looking & uv-protected surface for weeks if not months!

Made from German & Japanese Ingredients

Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bottled & Labelled in Perth, Western Australia

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