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REFRACT Tyre & Rubber Enhance

REFRACT Tyre & Rubber Enhance

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REFRACT Tyre & Rubber Enhance
Deep Lustre, longevity & Protection with
Strong Weather Resistance



  • TYRE-ENHANCE is a rubber-specific formulation of Polymers, Emollients and Siloxanes that tightly bond together giving flexible and elastic properties. These properties provide hydration, hydrophobic and colour nourishing effects whilst giving UV protection.


  • TYRE-ENHANCE will give a long lasting, nourished look to your tyres and protect them from premature cracking and harsh environmental conditions. 
  • TYRE-ENHANCE can be applied and left for a high-shine look or be wiped flat for a matte-lustre appearance. With a pleasant Grape smelling fragrance and an easy to apply gel you will have your tyres looking great and protected all year round.
  • TYRE-ENHANCE is a non-sling thick gel that can last 3-4 weeks!


  1. PREPARE - For optimal results conduct the following procedure.
  • Thoroughly scrub your tyres using Refract MULTI-CLEAN, TYRE-TUFF Brush and hot water
  • Rinse and Repeat until tyres are clean & free from debris
  1. APPLY
  • Pour and even amount of TYRE-ENHANCE onto a Refract TYRE-EASY DRESS applicator
  • Start slowly from the inside tyre bead and curving the foam applicator around the tyre face
  • Re-apply when necessary and repeat working to the outer edge of the tyre
  • On completion, sweep the tyre face with the applicator briskly to ensure full, even coverage.
  • For a High-Shine appearance simply leave TYRE-ENHANCE to dry however DO NOT use excess product as Slinging may occur when Rubber is heated.
  • For a Matte/Stain-Lustre appearance simply flatten with a dedicated or expendable microfiber towel.


  • For deep tread patterns try using a dedicated Refract Pro-Detailing Brush to help with coverage.
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