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REFRACT TYRE SLIDES - 2 Pack - Stops Hose & Cable Snag

REFRACT TYRE SLIDES - 2 Pack - Stops Hose & Cable Snag

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Stops Hose & Cable Snag

Do you get frustrated when you try and wash your car and the hose gets jammed behind the tyre? Yep, so did we! 

Well, we may just have the solution you're looking for!

These Patent Design and unique style of Refract Tyre Slides solve the problem of playing tug of war with your hose.

  • Made from high quality, heavy duty pvc, these tyre inserts are simply placed securely behind your tyres and the ground to allow the hose the freely slide around.
  • Great for water hoses, air lines and electrical cables too!
  • Patent Design, Taiwan Manufactured, Only available at Refract Car Care Products Australia
  • Pack of 2


Size: 163mm x 125mm x 60mm High

Colour: RED

Weight: 120g

Material: Heavy Duty PVC 

Chemical Resistant

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