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REFRACT Tyre Tuff Scrub Brush

REFRACT Tyre Tuff Scrub Brush

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REFRACT Tyre Tuff Scrub Brush 

Keeping your tyres clean and free of dirt and debris has always been one of the least favorite part of Detailing for people. Often deep tyre treads or thin, low profile tyres have been difficult to clean with tyre brushes on the market as they aren't really suited to cleaning tyres.

  • This ergonomic handled, medium sized brush head and medium stiffness bristles are Heavy Duty enough to scrub heavy dirt and muck from deep tyre treads and lower profiles tyres with ease thanks to the precise curved handle and length which allows for even pressure and free motion of your wrists!.
  • With black, non scratch Nylon bristles and Refract blue signature coloured, non slip handles we are confident that tyre cleaning will no longer be a chore. 
  • Combine with Refracts heavy hitting Defcon X Wheel and Tyre Cleaner or a gentler All Purpose Cleaner for lightly soiled tyres for a deep cleaned surface that's ready for dressing!

Colour: Blue handle with black nylon bristles

Size: 215mm Length x 64mm Wide Head

Bristle Length: 25mm 

Handle: Heavy Duty, solid polyurethane with storage hook

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