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REFRACT Wash Bucket with Screw Lid & HD Grit Guard

REFRACT Wash Bucket with Screw Lid & HD Grit Guard

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 REFRACT Wash Bucket with Screw Lid & HD Grit Guard

Having a dedicated system where you can wash your wheels, paint and then rinse is vital in keeping your vehicles clean and scratch free.

They allow sufficient water capacity to not have to refill whilst using a microfiber wash mitt or towel and with the addition of a Grit Trap to catch dirt and debris beneath then you're taking all the necessary steps to avoid washing swirls and defects.

  • These 20 litre buckets are designed for Vehicle Detailing. They are heavy duty with snug fitting Grit Guards, strong steel carrying handles, heavy duty screw top lid with rubber seal and are chemical resistant.
  • Combined with the correct Professional tools and liquids such Refracts Avalanche Snow Foam and Shampoo, Refracts Wash Mitt Pro, Refracts Multi-Pro Towels and Professional Detailing Brushes will help get your vehicle clean, safely and efficiently!

Use a dedicated bucket system to clean your wheels. Use a second for washing and a third for on the fly rinsing your wash mitts, towels and brushes from inducing contaminants..

Use the seal top screw lid to safely store all your equipment on completion and they also double as a great detailing seat!


  • 305D x 265 x 385mm
  • White Bucket,
  • Black Grit Trap
  • Black Screw Top Seam Lid


  • 1 x 20 Litre Wash Bucket
  • 1 x Grit Guard
  • 1 x Gamma Seal Screw Lid 
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