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Refract Wheel Cleaning Bristle Brush

Refract Wheel Cleaning Bristle Brush

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Refract Wheel Cleaning Bristle Brush

Cleaning the wheel barrels has always been a tricky but very worthwhile task!

Grime, brake dust and contaminants can quickly build up and if left too long can be quite difficult to remove. It's unsightly and can ruin the over-all appearance of your freshly detailed ride!

  • Refract has designed a unique wheel barrel cleaning brush that will help remove and clean even the toughest of grime. At a great budget price too!

These brushes are similar to other wheel brushes like the Speedmaster and Daytona Speed EZ Wheel Brush but with a few extra additions.

  • Flexible and bendable 
  • Rubber coated internal stem
  • Heavily secured rubber tip end
  • Rubber knuckle guard
  • Blue comfort-grip waterproof handle


1. Pre-soak your wheel barrels with Refracts DECON-X wheel cleaner and allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes or until you can see the grime being lifted and dissolved.

2. Have your 20 litre, dedicated "wheels" bucket of clean fresh warm water with 30-60mls of Refract Avalanche washing shampoo for lubrication, mixed ready to go!

3. Dunk the Rapid Wheel Cleaning Brush into the bucket and start to gently agitate the grime from the top of the wheel barrel down.

4. Ensure that the brush is always well lubricated and contaminants are rinsed off the brush and into your bucket with Dirt Trap after every few sections.

6. Use a strong pressured hose or pressure washer to reveal a clean looking wheel barrel on completion. Repeat process if necessary.



  •  For heavily soiled wheel barrels we suggest using DEFCON to Pre-Soak and then use a pressure washer to remove the larger amounts of grime before proceeding to using the Rapid Brush.
  • Be cautious on wheels that have high gloss painted internal barrels or are Chrome coated. Often embedded grime contaminants will scratch delicate surfaces with any type of heavy scrubbing. Consider using Refracts Microfiber Wheel Cleaning Brush for delicate surfaces using the same process.
  •  Always wash your vehicle and wheels in a cool shaded area.
  •  Also great for cleaning exhausts and engine bays!



  • Length from tip to hanging hook: 42.5cm
  • Bristle lengths: 10cm
  • Bristles: Black and Red Twisted Wound PVC
  • Tip: Heat moulded Rubber and Securely Glued
  • Core: Dual Core Rubber Coated 3mm
  • Handle: 13.5cm, ergonomic, blue pvc with hanging hook
  • Knuckle Guard: 8.5cm rubber protection.
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