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X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads - Swirlkillers

X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads - Swirlkillers

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Unleash the power of X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads - the aggressive swirl killers for flawless finishes!

If you're looking for a serious upgrade to your detailing arsenal, look no further than the X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads by Swirlkillers. These pads are designed for the most demanding polishing applications, with an X-heavy construction that makes short work of even the toughest paint imperfections. Constructed from premium wool fibres and designed for use with aggressive dual-action polishers, these pads can handle even heavy-duty polishing compounds and leave behind a flawless finish that's sure to impress. So if you want excellent results in less time and with significantly less effort invested – consider adding the X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pad by Swirlkillers to your detailing collection today!

  • Achieve a flawless finish with the aggressive X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads
  • Dual Action Polisher compatible
  • Use it to remove even deep scratches and swirls
  • Enjoy long-lasting durability thanks to the high-quality construction of these cutting pads

X-Heavy Twisted Wool Cutting Pads

By far the quickest & most aggressive cutting pad available is our X-Heavy Dual Action or Rotary Australian Wool Cutting Pad!  

This Extra Heavy Wool Cut Pad removes heavily oxidised & deep brush & tree branch scratches & swirls like a hot knife through butter!

Revealing a VERY bright result & removing ALOT of Oxidation & Defects after only One Pass the surface is then ready to be refined with our Cut & Shine Yellow or the Final-Finish Soft Foam Pads!

Coupled with a Heavy Polishing Compound such as our Infinity Pro Polish there is only the need for 1 liquid to Cut & Finish with! Just change pads for a 2-Step Professional surface finish! 

Pads are available in 4 sizes! 
1.5", 3/5/6 Inch (40mm, 80mm,130mm, 155mm) Backings

These Extra Heavy Cut Wool Pads are designed to remove heavy swirling and defects on all paint types however we recommend using caution on softer paints like Honda & some Subaru Imports as they are very aggressive. 

Great for resin coat boats, caravans & heavy oxidisation removal! 

The Aggressive Australian & New Zealand Wool Fibers will slice through defects in seconds. With the added Safety of a Dual Action Polisher suitable construction means that these are safe to use on panel edges and curves with minimal risk of burn throughs or damage.


  •  "Smooth Cut" - Strong Double Sewn Fibers & Seams to Backing Foam
  •  Easy Clearing and Washing
  •  "Motion Feel" - Stiff Rubber Adhesion Plate to Increase Pad Feel
  •  Hook and Loop Backing - Suits all Backing Plates
  •  18mm Stiff Backing Foam 
  •  Short 10mm Wool, Japanese Style Cooling and Cutting Channels

Use as a First stage Heavy Cutting or a "One Step" Quick Enhancement Pad to refine and remove/reduce Swirling and/or Compounding haze and Oxidation on hard European Paints

Suitable for a wide range of cutting speeds and compounds/polish* but designed specifically for our Infinity Pro Compound! 👌


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