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Microfiber One-Step Polishing & Waxing Pads

Microfiber One-Step Polishing & Waxing Pads

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Machine-Polisher Applicator Pads - Microfiber

Car Enthusiasts & Detailers may just want to quickly brighten their paintwork & refine those fine swirls with One Quick Pad! Also Great for Applying Wax & Sealants!

Dual Action, Forced Dual Action Rotary Machine Compatible
Available in 3", 5" & 6" Sizes

Microfiber Wax & Sealant Application Pads will refine swirls & light oxidation whilst leaving a bright & glossy finish!

Used with a Dual Action Polisher, a few Microfiber Towels & Following our 4-Step Detailing Process will have your Car looking Fresh & Glossy again in no time!

Achieving Professional, High-Gloss, Chrystal-Clear results is one of our main goals when correcting & polishing our vehicles.

The more scratching, oxidation & surface contaminants that are removed or refined ultimately & drastically affects our final results! 

Generally, as a "Rule of Thumb" we use Wool or Microfiber pads to "Cut" & softer "Foam" pad(s) to "Finish".

The reason this is normally the case is because we want to "Abrade" or "Cut" the surface FIRST to remove larger scratching & defects, THEN refine. This FIRST "Cut" however can often leave slight hazing & or tiny micro-marring scratches (nicks) which is normal.

These tiny induced scratches & hazing can easily be removed & cleaned-up though by using soft foam finishing pads which will instantly reveal high gloss, depth & clear reflections to the painted surface. 

This is generally done with a Dual Action, Rotary or Forced Dual-Action Electric Polishers and each have their own advantages.

Using a Dual Action Electric Polisher is the safest & quickest way to achieve Professional results. A Dual Action or Forced Dual Action Polisher will not leave any holograms & eliminates any risks of "Burning" through edges or removing too much paint too quickly which can happen when using a Rotary (Non-Orbiting) machine.

In most cases only a 2-step (2 passes with 2 different pad-types) is sufficient for most DIY & even Professional Detailers to achieve drastically improved results for vehicles that haven't been completely destroyed by years of neglect or constant Tunnel-Brush-Washing.  

We know what makes a good Paint Correction Pad. We've spent years Detailing & have used many different types & brands of pads however most seem to let us down in either durability, performance or longevity! 

Our unique Closed-Cell, Special Blend German Foam will NOT prematurely shred, delaminate from the backing pad, bulge in the middle or tear easily! 

Check out some more features below & be sure to use a good quality, non dusting, fast result Compound/Polish liquid like Infinity Pro for stunning results.


  •  "Smooth Cut" - High Quality Sewn Short Nap Microfibers
  •  Easy Clearing and Washing
  •  Hook and Loop Backing - Suits all Backing Plates
  •  18mm Backing Foam 
  •  Short 10mm, low Natting Fibers

* We recommend Refract Infinity Polish with this pad.

Refract Car Care Foam Pad Colour Key:

Heavy Cut - BLUE


Polishing - YELLOW

Finishing - BLACK

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