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Clay Bars, Pads & Lubrication Products

Preparation is key, and the safest and best detailing clay to prepare your car for a wax and polish is claying which is conducted after washing!

High grade quality detailing clay bars effectively remove pollutants, contaminants and fallout from your car’s paintwork and windshield in preparation for the next polishing step.

We offer all grades of clay, from the ultra-fine to medium and coarse clay bars, clay pads and clay bar lubricants.

How to Use Clay Bar Kits

Using a clay bar kit is easy and a necessary step to prepare your car for using a polishing machine with a cutting or polishing compound. If you skip claying and go to the polishing step straight after drying your car, the debris will act as an abrasive and damage your car’s paint or clear coat.

Every car lover and car detailing enthusiast will tell you that a clay bar is the secret to achieving a brilliant shine. So if you want to learn how to properly use a clay bar, lubricating spray or detailing clay mitt.