Collection: Wash & Detail

Car Cleaning Products – Snow Foam Cannons, Shampoos, Wash Mitts, Brushes, Microfiber Towels & Much More!

Refract Car Care Products Australia offers some of the best car washing and car cleaning products on the market. We stock high-quality products that will ensure that your car looks and stays clean, including both standard pH neutral washes and ceramic restoring washes. Not only do these products create a perfect finish, but they also make washing your car so much easier with hydrophobic boosters.

Armed with the right car washing tools and products, it’s possible to achieve a superior level of clean and water beading for your car. At Refract Car Care Products Australia, we offer car cleaning products that make the process of washing your car simple. Remove contaminants such as dirt and grime from paintwork today with our excellent range of car cleaning and car grooming products.